General Info
Title Construction of a power plant from waste
Section Substructure
Sub Section Energy

General Info
Product / Service Electricity and Heat
Location Main Land
Brief Description The new electric industry's approach to reducing losses is to generate electricity at the place of consumption with high quality and high efficiency. This plan is more in demand due to the need for low space in comparison with large power plants, as well as land constraints, environmental issues and natural resources of the province. Providing energy through the use of energy from burning garbage and generating electricity.
Annual capacity 613,200,000 kWh
Type Establishment
More Info

Contact Info
Company Tose’etavanpaydar company
Liaison Poor ziaei
Tell 09123248741
Company\'s legal structure public sector

The availability of raw materials 100 %
Market for local products 80 %
Foreign product market 20 %
Duration 1.3 year

Project Status
Feasibility study available Yes
required amount is provided No
legal permits has been taken No
Contracts with investors No
Financing agreement concluded No
Contracts with contractors No
Access to production infrastructure Yes
List of companies manufacturer / supplier of technology, machinery and equipment are available No
technical knowledge, machinery and equipment signed No

Status of Funds
Description Domestic financial resources needed

Foreign Financial resources needed

total resources required

Million Rials Rial rate Million euros
Fixed capital 424923 35000 12 77 89
capital in circulation 247194 35000 7 35000 7
Total capital 672117 35000 19 77 96

Financial Structure
Value of foreign equipment and machinery 77.33
The value of domestic machinery and equipment 0.023
The value of foreign technology
The value of domestic technology
NPV 89.47
IRR 23 %
PP 3.46