General Info
Title Tomato sauce and jelly production
Section agriculture
Sub Section food

General Info
Product / Service tomato sauce and jelly
Location Main Land
Brief Description The primary goal of this project is to produce tomato paste and high quality nymphs so that this product can be well-received in terms of the quality of customer-responsive responses while offering a wide range of products. Tomatoes are among the products whose production has grown very rapidly in recent years, and it can be said that the most important flavor of Iranian food and, in addition, is the raw material of many products and canned foods. Tomato sauce and mashed potatomachines are close to each other and can be used in the same way in some cases. From the point of view of food industry science, puree is a product made from fruit pulp. Preparation Method : after the preparation of the product (such as peeling, ovulation and nucleation), the texture is completely soft with steam and then the product passes through filters .The product is packed in sugar cans with or without sugar, or dried in the market. Nymphs are usually prepared to produce teaspoon, produce baby food or other uses, such as using ice creams, consuming them as snacks, and so on.
Annual capacity 800 ton Annually
Type Establishment
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Contact Info
Company (Exir Baran Company (the only rated company
Liaison Gholizadeh
Address Tehran - Saadat Abad - Kaj Square - Shahid Kian Street - Unit 4 - Second Floor - No. 8
Tell 09111536141-09121228286
Company\'s legal structure private sector

The availability of raw materials 100 %
Market for local products 80 %
Foreign product market 20 %
Duration 1.8 year

Project Status
Feasibility study available Yes
required amount is provided Yes
legal permits has been taken Yes
Contracts with investors No
Financing agreement concluded No
Contracts with contractors No
Access to production infrastructure Yes
List of companies manufacturer / supplier of technology, machinery and equipment are available Yes
technical knowledge, machinery and equipment signed No

Status of Funds
Description Domestic financial resources needed

Foreign Financial resources needed

total resources required

Million Rials Rial rate Million euros
Fixed capital 49486 35000 1 0 1
capital in circulation 3838 35000 0 35000 0
Total capital 53324 35000 2 0 2

Financial Structure
Value of foreign equipment and machinery
The value of domestic machinery and equipment 0.41
The value of foreign technology 0
The value of domestic technology 0
NPV 21.66 million Euro
IRR 34 %
PP 2.5 year