gross domestic product

In 2013, the nominal gross domestic product of Mazandaran was equivalent to 10.35 billion Dollars sharing 3.6115 percent of country’s GDP. This showed that the per capita of the province was 3.3 thousand dollars.

Infrastructures and the competitive advantages of Mazandaran province

  • Access to all transportation infrastructures (rail, water, air, landlines)
  • Access to adequate water resources and water sector infrastructure, including dams and water storage reservoir (ShahidRajai, AlborzBerenjestanak, Sonbolrood, Mijran Salah al-Din kola, Abbas Abad) and modern irrigation and drainage networks (Tajan, Alborz, Glvrd)
  • Three active airports in Sari , Noshar ,Ramsar
  • Three important and active ports in Mazandaran province (Noshar,Fridonkenar, Amirabad )
  • Neighboring different centers of energy production with required accessibility.
  • Access to water, power, gas, communication networks as basis of utilization infrastructure.
  • 5 active and important custom points in Noshahr , Amol,Babolsar,Sari, Behshahr
  • Suitable access to export and import through authorized terminals for exchange of commodity with CIS Countries, along with loading, unloading and storage facilities for export and transit purposes.
  • Access to some commercial opportunities and investment incentives (special economic zones of Amirabad and Noshahr)
  • Access to capital and commercial and industrial centers through three main routes of Firoozkooh,Haraz and kandovan.
  • Construction of the Tehran-North freeway which withthe completion, the distance from the coast of the Caspian Sea to Capital will reduce to 120 Km at most.
  • Suitable climate and natural environment for residence and living
  • Tourism , natural attractions
  • Protein-rich deposits in the Caspian Sea
  • The unique climate of the sea planes at the foot of the geographical structure which prepares the necessary conditions for the establishment of a variety of industries and mines.
  • Proximity to large consumer markets in Tehran,Gilan, Golestan and Semnan provinces and in Central Asia as a potential market.
  • Having rich mines in the province such as coal, fluorite, baritone, ironstone, decorative stone
  • -Existence of richminesin the provincesuch as coal-,barite-ore,-fluorine-shells ,decorativefacade
  • Having raw materials for the development of agricultural processing industries
  • Existence of somespecialproductsthatareraw materialsfor different industries (agriculture-related industries)
  • Legal capacity to create small and homebred businesses
  • Having an active stock exchange market in the province.
  • Adequate supply of human resources and university

The establishment of more than 37 industrial zones and different industrial regions.